A2088XT Errorcodes

Die Errorcodes werden auf Port 80h ausgegeben.
Benötigt wird mindestens das BIOS A2088 3.7 A1k Rev. 0.1a



Errorcode Kurzbechreibung Bechreibung
01h CPU Check Check 8088 Flags, ALU and Registers
by Fail Errorcode 03h
02h CPU Check CPU Registertest pass
03h CPU Check Check 8088 failed
afterwards CPU HLT
04h Searching DIAG ROM Searching DIAG ROM at C0000
05h DIAG ROM detected Jump to $C000:Bh
regular BIOS ends here
30h Eprom Checksum Calculates checksum and check result.
31h Eprom Checksum failed CPU HLT
10h Test 8253 Timer 1 Test 8253 Timer 1 (Memory refresh counter)
by Fail Jump to Diagnostic
40h Test 8237 DMA Controller Check DMA 0 and Page Registers
by Fail Jump to Diagnostic
61h Check for 1st kByte RAM by Fail Jump to Diagnostic
F1h Test FARDAY Test FARDAYs SWITCH and CONTROL register
by OK Initialize Faraday
otherwise Jump to Diagnostic
50h Test 8259 PIC by OK Initialize POC
otherwise Jump to Diagnostic
F2h Floppy Configuration Init floppy interface
by Fail print Errormessage
6Ah Wait for Amiga Loop until Janus is up
80h Get current video mode from system switch and Init video controller
81h Test for Video roms at C0000 and Print manufacturer's signon
E1h Check Printer and display base address
E2h Check Serial and display base address
20h Test Timer 2 by Fail print Errormessage
A0h Test Keyboard Enable the keyboard interrupt
by fail display Errormessage
60h Test RAM by Fail Display failed RAM location
62h Test Main RAM Test memory from 2k till end
by Fail display Errormessage
C3h Test for a Gamecard  
D0h Inits floppy drive by ok try to boot
otherwise Display Errormessage
FFh power up ready We got it!

Last Update: 24.05.2022