Janus Versions

All Bridgeboards use a library system called Janus to handle communication between the host Amiga computer and the Bridgeboard itself. The latest version of Janus is version 2.1 which only came standard with the A2386SX Bridgeboard.
Janus 2.1 will work with the A2088 and A2286 Bridgeboards.

Features in Janus 2.1 over v2.0 are:

  • Windows 3.x compatible display and mouse drivers.
  • New ARead and AWrite utilities, more options and wildcard support.
  • Autoload feature which will start up the Amiga side service when the PC requests it (AMouse, ATime,etc).
  • Install utility that will set-up hardfiles, install Enforcer, etc.
  • Workbench 2.0 compliant interface.

It also provides full PC keyboard emulation from the PC Color/Mono windows, with the following key sequences as PC keys equivalents:

PC Key Amiga Key
Break Key Ctrl+ScrL
Pause Key Ctrl-NumL
Num Lock Left Amiga-NumL or Right Amiga-N
Print Screen Left Amiga-PrtSc or Right Amiga-P
Scroll Lock Left Amiga-ScrL or Right Amiga-NumL

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Last Update: 19.07.2023