A2088XT Specifications

A2088-Specific Features

  • 8088 microprocessor, running at 4.77 MHz clock speed
  • 512 K internal RAM
  • ® PC-XT compatible BIOS
  • 5.25 inch 360 K floppy disk drive
  • Socket for 8087 math coprocessor
  • External floppy drive connector

Shared Features

  • 128 K dual-port memory accessible from Amiga and PC sides
  • Built-in PC MDA Mono / PC CGA Color video displays available simultaneously, using the A2000’s monitor
  • All PC-AT keyboard functions on Amiga keyboard
  • Up to 3 full-size slots (2 XT®, 1 AT) available for PC expansion in Amiga expansion slot area
  • Simultaneous MS-DOS/AmigaDOS processing
  • Up to five virtual drives possible on Amiga disk devices
  • Transfer of files between operating systems (e.g., MS-DOS and AmigaDOS)
  • Ability to run MS-DOS applications in an Amiga window with full sizing/resizing and color selection features
  • Hard disk support, either through a PC hard disk/controller, or a PC virtual hard disk on any Amiga disk device (floppy, ram or hard)
  • Shared hard disk, either by sharing a virtual disk on the Amiga side or by partitioning a hard disk on the PC side
  • Microsoft Mouse® support using Amiga mouse
  • Potential for uniquely powerful hybrid PC/Amiga applications



J1: Default display jumper pair near the rear center of the Bridgeboard. (Two sets of three pins)

Monochrom (MDA): Pins 4-6 and 3-5 (standard)
Color 40×25 (CGA): Pins 4-6 and 1-3
Color 80×25 (CGA): Pins 2-4 and 3-5
None: Pins 2-4 und 1-3 

Last Update: 26.07.2023