OEM Setup

From: Mark Odell

The Windows-correct method follows ;-)

The steps below have been included with the guide in the file OEMSETUP.zip

  1. Find the 3.5" 720K PC-format disk labelled "PC JANUS" (a part of the Janus2.1 software, which was also shipped with the 386 Bridgeboard), which contains AMOUSE3.DRV.
  2. Use the MS-DOS DISKCOPY command to make a backup copy of PC JANUS.
  3. Start a text editor (EDIT from DOS is okay), and type in these lines:
    ; Names of the disks Setup can prompt for.
    ;label=. , Disk description, Volume Name
    J =. ,"PC JANUS Disk",MSDOS5.0

    profile = mouse driver, Mouse description, VMD
    jnsmouse = j:amouse3.drv, "Bridgeboard Mouse Driver (Win3.x)", x:vmd
  4. Save the above lines under the name "OEMSETUP.INF" to the JANUS directory of the backup copy of PC JANUS.
  5. Exit Windows if it's already running on your system.
  6. Run Windows Setup from a DOS prompt:
    C:>cd windows
  7. In the Windows Setup box, pull down the Options menu with ALT-O. Usually "Change System Settings", as the first menu item, will be highlighted.
  8. Press C (or just Enter) to select "Change System Settings".
  9. In the Change System Settings box, move the highlight to "Mouse" with ALT-M or the TAB key.
  10. Access the pull-down list of Mouse selections with ALT-DownArrow.
  11. Move the highlight to the selection "Other mouse [Requires disk from OEM]..." with the DownArrow key, and press Enter. A box will appear asking for the path to the new disk.
  12. Put the backup copy of PC JANUS in drive A:. (If your 3.5" floppy drive is B:, put the disk in B:.)
  13. Type in the correct path (A:\JANUS or B:\JANUS) to the driver on the new disk, and press Enter. The Bridgeboard driver should now appear in the list of Mouse selections.
  14. Move the highlight to the selection "Bridgeboard Mouse Driver (Win3.x)" with the arrow keys, and press Enter (=OK). The pull-down list will disappear, and the new Mouse selection will replace the old in the Change System Settings box.
  15. Press Enter (=OK) again to accept the new system settings.
    RESULT: Windows Setup copies the driver, and the OEMSETUP.INF file as "OEMx.INF", to the WINDOWSSYSTEM directory, and also modifies SYSTEM.INI.
  16. To make the change take effect, exit Windows Setup and start Windows. The Windows pointer should now move with the Janus mouse. (If it doesn't, try toggling the port for the Janus mouse with LeftAmiga-P.)

Text based on BBFAQ © Sébastien Boisvert
Last Update: 19.07.2023