What are the Bridgeboards

Bridgeboard PIC Description
A2088 XT a2088 This was the first Bridgeboard made. It is based off the Intel 8088 CPU, which is an 8-bit version of the 8086 CPU found in most XT compatible computers. Fully compatible with the 8086 it will run any software for the XT class of machines. The A8088 Bridgeboard came standard with a 4.77MHz CPU, 512K of RAM, Monochrome/CGA display and a 360K 5.25" disk drive.
A2286 AT a2286 This was the second Bridgeboard that was made. It is based off the Intel 20286 chip found in any AT compatible computer system. It came standard with an 8MHz CPU, 1MB of RAM, Monochrome/CGA display and a 1.2MB 5.25" disk drive.
A2386SX a2386 This was the last Bridgeboard made. There are three versions of it, all are based off the 80386SX chip. This chip differs in that it is internally a 32-bit chip, but it only has a 16-bit bus (like the 68000). All A2386SX Bridgeboards came standard with a 16MHz/20MHz/25MHz CPU, 1MB of RAM (up to 8MB on board), Monochrome/CGA graphics, and they could share your Amiga 3.5" disk drive.

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